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Catlike Mixino Helmet

Catlike Mixino Helmet

Manufacturer Description

The new Mixino is the latest evolution of Catlike design philosophy. It is a lightweight helmet that improves safety by the use of an Aramid roll cage which provides high impact protection. A micro-dial adjusts the thin arms that wrap around the inside of the helmet, and two rear supports are independently adjustable. With vertical adjustment and new lateral wings to which different thickness pads can be attached. This is a helmet that will fit nearly every head shape and allowing you to customize your comfort.


39 air intakes

ARC(Aramid roll cage)

CES protection system

Dual Flow airflow

MPS eVo retention system

Outlast shock absorption padding

Helmet bag included

Available in 3 sizes

Available in 8 colors as of writing this

Measured weight of size large - 283 g (10.0 oz)

Retail - $280

Cateye Mixino Helmet - Inside.JPG

Minimal Inside Padding

YMMV Review

While they have some helmets that blend in better, Catlike is known for their distinctive looking Whisper Plus helmet. If you watch professional bike races over the last couple of years, you likely noticed the helmet. These helmets have either been loved or hated depending on the person. I have really liked the look and tested out the Whisper Plus when they first came to the states. The Mixino is an updated version of this iconic helmet with a better fit system, stronger shell, and lighter weight. All good things.

I have come to the realization that I may never ride like the pros, but at least I can look cool like them. At least, I think I look cool. =)

Cateye Mixino Helmet - Top.JPG

Top View - Distinctive Look


I have been testing the Mixino Helmet for a little over a month. Using the helmet on my last couple training rides and during Ironman Coeur d'Alene. Being in Colorado, I have definitely been able to test the helmet in the heat with temperatures ranging from 60 to 100 degrees.


The Catlike Mixino Helmet is an updated version of the Whisper Plus, the helmet that put Catlike on the map. At least in my eyes. With its distinct appearance, it really stands out, whether alone or watching the peloton on TV. These helmets do look different and are a love/hate type of thing. I personally love the look and in my informal poll, so do my wife and brother. Of course, this is totally subjective.

Cateye Mixino Helmet - Adjuster.JPG

Adjustable Dial in the Back

The Mixino has a total of 39 vents for optimal breathability. The 39 vents create dualflow technology, which is an exclusive Catlike design in which the big frontal air intakes are connected to large exit vents located in the rear. This makes the airflow constant inside the helmet to avoid overheating. More importantly the helmet has improved on the safety with the use of an Aramid fiber roll cage which provides high-impact protection. This fiber is used in aerospace and ballistic applications for its strength properties. The Aramid cage provides optimal protection during impact, supporting the entire helmet structure substantially increasing safety. Along with the Aramid cage, the Mixino uses the Crash Energy Splitter technology just like the Whisper did. The CES technology is a design based on concrete location of the air intakes, so that any impact will share more than on nerve, splitting the crash energy in many points and absorbing it in the most efficient way. Of course with all helmets that are sold in the US, it has to pass all the proper certifications.

The largest change on the new helmet is the new fit system. It consists of several different changes to the older system. They have created the helmet so it can work for all types of head shapes: round, elliptical, oval, and oblong. To do this Catlike has created Ergonomic Wings. This offers lateral adjustment optimized by specific padding that is supplied in three different thickness in order to customize your comfort and reach maximum stability. For a round head, the setting uses no pads, for oval use the 2mm pad, for ellipses use the 4mm pad and finally for an oblong head the 6mm pad is to be used. These pads as well as the others in the helmet use Outlast technology. It was originally developed by NASA and uses phase change material that absorbs, stores, and releases heat for optimal thermal comfort. The Mixino has a pad on the top and one across the forehead.

The MPS eVo is the new retention system which allows a customized fitting system. The support system is able to adjust in many ways on top of the padding described above. First, the rear support can be adjusted to two positions for a higher or lower support. The back support once again uses two cups that rest on the occipital bone, liberating the central part of the head of any pressure. The pads move horizontally in order to customize their position and optimize the rider's comfort. Another part of the MPS eVo system is the new wheel retention system. This retention system allows the fit to be easily adjusted in the back. Much better than the previous system.

Cateye Mixino Helmet - Back Pad.JPG

Stabilizer Cups at the Back of the Head

As with all Catlike helmets, the Mixino is really finished well. You can see the high quality of the helmet and see it when looking at it. I have been really impressed by the quality. The one drawback with this and really all helmets is that they are not made of sustainable materials. For this reason, I have given a zero for sustainability.


While I liked the Whisper Deluxe Helmet, I was a bit underwhelmed by the retention system. After that review, I talked with my contact, and she let me know they were working on it. So when the Mixino came out I was really excited to see what had changed. Of course, the helmet has had other changes but the retention system was the main one. After using it for a month I must say this is one of the most comfortable helmets I have worn. I really like how you can change the pads to accommodate the shape of your head. I went with the 2mm pads as I have an oval head. The vertical adjustment is nice to have as well. I normally would prefer the setting lower on my head, but I found that when I lowered it, the cradle pushed down on the arms of my sunglasses. This was not as comfortable, so I found that I liked the higher setting. It is nice to have that option.

Cateye Mixino Helmet - Adjuster2.JPG

Retention System Adjusts Up & Down

In the back, I also liked having the cups able to be adjusted. For me having them in the middle system has worked well but being able to adjust that is a really cool feature. Of course with all top helmets, having a wheel system is the popular way to adjust the size and the Mixino now has that feature. I really like the wheel as it is easier to adjust on the go than other types of systems. The padding and straps are decent but nothing of real note. They do their job and keep the helmet secure and comfortable.


While the fit is very important, performance is good too. I must admit that I have not tested the durability and protection of the helmet. While I try to test these items thoroughly, crashing is not on the list of things I like to do. =) With 39 vents on top the helmet breathes very well. I must say that some days are so hot here that you do not feel much, but occasionally you pass through a cooler section and at those times, you can really feel the air moving through the helmet. The only tricky thing about the helmet is all the adjustable points. While I appreciate all these adjustments, it really does make for some trial and error when it comes to finding your ideal position.

Cateye Mixino Helmet - Pad.JPG

Side of Head Pads


4 Star.jpg

Overall, this is my new favorite helmet. That is saying something as I have tried quite a few. The helmet in light, breathable, and most importantly to me it fits well. Of course, I have to mention that I like the look as well but that should not make a difference, right? =) If you are like me and watch many of the professional bike races on TV, then you had to have seen them as they are very easy to pick out. I have also noticed that they have been showing up more often on the roads as well which is nice to see. Catlike really does seem to make some very high-quality helmets, and I am impressed by this update. IF you have not ever taken a look at a catlike helmet, the Mixino should be your first. The Mixino is not cheap at $280 but what is your head worth? For me, I must say that it has been a great test. As always, your mileage may vary.


Very breathable

Lots of fit adjustments

High quality construction

Looks cool



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