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Giro Apeckx Cycling Shoes

Giro Apeckx Cycling Shoes

Manufacturer Description

Classic style, with performance features and value that can’t be beat. The Apeckx combines a supple microfiber upper with a stiffest-in-class DuPont Zytel nylon outsole that has been engineered to rival the performance of premium composite outsoles, with greater fatigue resistance than traditional nylon soles. A supportive EVA footbed with Aegis anti-microbial treatment enhances comfort and fit, which is adjustable via the classic combination of a micro-ratcheting buckle and two straps. Plus, it’s built on the same performance last as our best shoes, so you get the same unrivaled fit that has made Giro the fastest growing brand of cycling shoes on the market.


Upper material - High-quality, breathable microfiber

Strong and secure ratcheting buckle closure (replaceable)

Offset strap “D-ring” at mid-foot

DuPont Zytel nylon Outsole

Molded EVA footbed with medium arch support

Aegis anti-microbial treatment

Measured size 43

Weight – 290 g (10.2 oz) w/o cleats

Forefoot Width – 93.4 mm (3.7 in)

Retail - $150

Giro Apeckx Shoes - Top.JPG

Top View

YMMV Review

Long known for making helmets, last year Giro came out with their first models of cycling shoes.  Their initial focus was on higher-end shoes with carbon soles by Easton. This year they filled in the line with some lower price point options.  Giro focused on making shoes that fit well and offered a good balance of performance versus cost.


I have been testing these shoes throughout the spring and summer on my road rides.  Since the shoes are white I generally only rode with them on nice days and used my other black pair on the other days.  I used the Giro Apeckx Shoes with Shimano SPD-SL cleats and rides up to 100 miles. Temperatures varied from 40 to 95 degrees.

Giro Apeckx Shoes - Vent.JPG

Front Vent Under Toes


The Giro Apeckx Shoe was introduced in early 2012. It is the 2nd lowest shoe in the line-up, only the Treble model retails for lower.  The Apeckx is built on the same last as Giro's higher-end models and has a similar retention system, the main difference is the sole which is made of a nylon material instead of carbon fiber.  With a nylon sole and synthetic upper the Giro Apeckx is made more for value performance rather than light weight. The upper is made of a high-quality microfiber with mesh panels along the top edges of the foot.  The interior of the shoe is on the plush side with a soft against the skin mesh material. Around the heel, there is some strategic padding to help lock in the heel. The tongue is a perforated microfiber with padding to protect the top of your foot form the retention system.  This retention system is the classic style of a ratcheting buckle with two Velcro straps. The middle strap is an offset d-ring strap for better fit. The ratcheting system is also unique in that it can be ratcheted down for a tighter fit and has a release mechanism that can easily be operated to lessen the tension while on the bike.

For the insole, Giro has used a molded EVA footbed for some cushioning and comfort.  This insole has been treated with an Aegis anti-bacterial treatment. The outsole is made of DuPont Zytel nylon for a lower cost as compared to carbon fiber. The outsole has been designed to rival the stiffness of performance carbon soles.  The DuPont Zytel nylon is made with greater fatigue resistance as compared to traditional nylon soles. This should help the shoes last longer than other shoes in the price point. In the sole there is a small vent below the toes for better breathability.  The shoes are finished off with a three holes set up for use with Look, Shimano, or Time pedals.

Looking at the materials used in these shoes, I was not able to find any information on sustainable or green sources.  I was also unable to find any information on corporate initiatives, so I gave the shoes a zero for sustainability.

Giro Apeckx Shoes - Ratchet.JPG

Ratchet Closure with 2 velcro Straps


I normally wear a slightly larger size in my cycling shoes as compared to running shoes, often going for a size 43.  This is what I ended up testing in the Giro Apeckx Shoes. The Giro's fit me just like I like in the 43. The length was right on, and the volume was about right for my medium width foot.  It is important to note that the Apeckx also comes in an HV model which has a higher volume for extra-wide feet. I did not quite like the fit of the include EVA insole, so I replaced it with my Superfeet Blue insoles.  With these insoles in the shoes fit me really well. The shoes feel like they had a great fit in the heel, and I liked having the nice and roomy toe box. Through the midfoot, the shoes ran slightly tighter. By changing out the insoles it helped with the tightness through the midfoot.

The shoes are comfortable enough to wear without socks, but I do not see any reason to do this other than for testing.  The retention system also works well to create a tight and comfortable fit. The offset strap helps the fit and takes some of the pressure off the bone in the foot.  The ratcheting system works smoothly and consistently. I like being able to release the pressure with a push of a button. I have a tendency to over tighten my shoes so it is nice to be able to fix that during a ride.  This is one of my most comfortable cycling shoes I own.

Giro Apeckx Shoes - Side.JPG

Side View


I am not a super-strong  cyclist. I tend to be in the middle of the pack in the triathlons I do so having the stiffest race shoes possible does not make sense for me.  Ideally, I would rather have a comfortable shoe that still performs well as I do not want to give up any potential to go faster if I do not have to.  This is where shoes like the Apeckx are a great option. The upper is a synthetic microfiber with built in mesh vent that breathes fairly well. The vents are on the smaller side, so there is definitely room for improvement, but I did not ever notice them being too hot.  The vent in the sole I think helps keep your feet from overheating. The white color scheme probably also helps as it will not absorb as much heat as the black color will. I would estimate that I have upwards of 600 miles in these thus far this year, and the shoes are holding up great.  They could have still passed for new until I had a crash just last week that scuffed up the left shoe. Even then the side of the shoe just has some abrasions but nothing more. If you were to have issues with the ratcheting system, it is replaceable, which is nice.

For me, the sole has been plenty stiff to transfer power to the pedals.  My rides are generally in the 18 miles per hour range, so I am not generating a huge number of watts.  I have thus far been unable to feel any flex in the shoes. There is likely a slight amount, but it has been imperceptible to me.  I image stronger riders may have a different experience, and I encourage you to comment below if you have. The only thing that did not work great for m e was the included insole.  Fortunately, it can be swapped out for what best works for you. For me this meant putting in the Superfeet Blue insoles as that made for a more comfortable fit. I realize this is going to be very subjective; I also have these insoles in another pair of my cycling shoes.

Giro Apeckx Shoes - Inside.JPG

Well Padded Interior & Tongue


3 1-2 Star.jpg

Overall, the Giro Apeckx Shoes are just what I expected.  They are built on the same last as the higher-end models.  For me this made for a really comfortable shoe, especially once I switch out the insole to e the Superfeet Blue which I have used before.  The ratchet system works well, and with the offset straps the shoes are able to secure the foot well. The Apeckx are not the most breathable shoes, but they breathed well enough.  What you get for a lower price is a nylon sole and slightly heavier shoe. As far as the nylon outsole goes, it was plenty stiff for a rider of my ability as I could not feel any flex in the shoes.  If you are a stronger rider than me, you may have a different opinion of the outsole. The Giro Apeckx Shoes retail for $150, which puts it in the range of other nylon soled shoes with ratchet systems.  The Apeckx are a good value as you get a lot of shoe for the money. If you are looking for a good shoe on a budget, you can do much worse than these. I would suggest giving these a try; the fit should work for a lot of feet. As always, your mileage may vary.


Good universal fit

Ratchet system and offset straps hold foot well

Nylon sole was stiff enough for me

Ratchet system is replaceable


Could be more breathable

Insole did not work for me but others may have more luck

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