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Swiftwick Aspire Socks

Swiftwick Aspire Socks

Manufacturer Description

If Swiftwick claimed a masterpiece, the ASPIRE line would be our Mona Lisa. Perfect for narrow feet, the ASPIRE compression sock is constructed for unmatched comfort, moisture management and an optimal fit. It's thin and light for minimalist running shoes, tight cycling shoes and the form fit hockey skate or ski boot. We eliminated the toe seem using linked toe technology, which means no bunching in the toe box; no pinky toe torture, and no event that you can't finish due to blisters... This sock will directly influence your game.


Linked toe construction, comes with a personalized fit for your foot without the failure points of a toe seem.

Made in the USA

Using the latest machinery available

Narrow foot

Arch support

Y-heel Contour

Thin channeled upper

Half density weave

Double Welt Compression Cuff

Less padding in the toe box

Adjusted the formula for key fibers, more than doubled the olefin content

Olefin Toe, heel and footbed

We have long aspired to create this sock, so the name was obvious

Measure weight - 25 g (0.9 oz)

Retail - $13 - $36 (Depending on sock height)

YMMV Review

I have been able to test several different sizes of the Swiftwick Aspire Socks. Last year, I went to the Summer Outdoor Retailer show and just happened to stop by the Swiftwick booth as I was wandering around. I decided to try my first pair then and can understand how they have become so popular.

Swiftwick makes all their socks in the US. This is something I can definitely get behind.  Their focus is on using high-quality materials and the best machines available to create them. Their focus is on competition and the best socks to help you in yours.


I tested the Swiftwick Aspire socks in a bunch of different footwear and activities. I used them cycling, running, and hiking. The activities ranged from 30 minutes to several hours.


It is always interesting doing a review of socks. When I think of socks I do not generally think of something that is flashy or exciting for that matter. On the other hand, when you are wearing a good pair of socks you definitely notice it. Swiftwick socks are those socks. You know it when you put them on. The Aspire is a thinner sock made for minimalist running, cycling shoes, or any other footwear where you want a thinner sock.  When you grab a pair you will first notice that they are thin and light weight. They have a compressive fit which I not only like for comfort but compression also has performance and recovery benefits. The tighter in conjunction with some of the construction features eliminates bunching and blisters.

The Aspire are constructed without a toes seem. They also come in a variety of sizes. What really makes these socks is the high quality of the construction. Swiftwick uses a 200 needle machine. The socks  are named by the height of their ankle cuff. The sizes are zero, one, two, four, seven, and a full twelve inches. This gives people whatever size they prefer. I know I like the zero for running, the two and four for cycling, and the twelve for recovery. One thing that I really like about Swiftwick is that their socks are made in the US. While the materials may not be sustainable, I like how the there is less energy and resources needed to ship the socks from another country. Keeping jobs here is good too.


I touched on this a bit above, but it really falls in this section of my reviews. These socks rock. They are now my go to socks for both running and cycling. They are very comfortable, and I would say that they enhance the fit of whatever shoes I am wearing.  The lack of a toe seem definitely helps as does the compressive fit. I know that Swiftwick calls these out for people with narrow feet. I have a medium width foot and felt like these fit me well. I think they will work for anyone, just make sure you get the appropriate size. For me, they felt true to size, just use the sizing chart, and you will be good.

The only thing that surprises me is that the socks are not foot specific. Different areas of the feet have different needs, so I would think that being able to design socks around that would be ideal. These have so many things going for them; I am surprised that this was not one of those things.


Of course, fit is important, but it is only half of the equation. The socks also have to perform. One of the hot topics now days is compression. I always find it hard to quantify, especially in a lower cuff sock. I could feel the benefits in the twelve but not the lower sizes. That does not mean it is not working, it is just hard to tell. As for the other important performance characteristic, the socks seemed to move moisture off of my feet well. I never had any issue with blisters. They were a put them on and forget about them sock. They just work.

I am a person who nearly always wears socks. Even in when wearing minimalist shoes that are made to go sock less, I prefer socks. That is where these socks excel. They are very thin and do not cushion much if any. This allows me to get the same benefits out of my shoes with the benefit of no blisters. I cannot comment too much on the durability of the socks as of yet. I have only been testing them for a couple of months and have not had any issues. They still look new after multiple wearings and washings. So far, so good, I will add an update if something does happen.


4 1-2 Star.jpg

Overall, these are my new favorite socks. They fit nice and snug and do not move no matter what I do. I really like how they have multiple sizes so you can get whatever your preference is. For me the zero is for summer running, the two for winter running, the two or four for cycling, and the twelve for recovery.  I also like that the socks have built in compression. I must honestly say that it is difficult to sometimes feel the benefit of compression, but even if it is just a little, I will take it. My only thing I wonder with these socks is if they looking for the best fit and feel, why are they not made right and left specific? Apart from that I really have nothing against these socks. They are really nice socks; I would highly recommend them. They vary in price depending on the socks size, from $13 to $36.  If you want a really good sock, try these out. As always, Your Mileage May Vary.


Multiple sizes

Compressive fit

Seemless toe

Do not shift or bunch


Not made right and left specific

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