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Lizard Skins Aramus Cycling Gloves

Lizard Skins Aramus Cycling Gloves

Manufacturer Description

A timeless look with high-performance glove features to keep your hands comfortable on long rides. The Aramus Classic features an adjustable leather strap for a secure fit, a breathable design combined with gel padding for cushioning and is made from genuine sheepskin leather.


Finger Pulls For Easy Removal

Genuine Sheepskin Leather

Adjustable Leather Strap

Gel Padding

Available in 3 colors

YMMV Review

While i do not take the winter off, I must say the start of the spring and summer weather here in the Northwest means it is time to get on the road more. I tend to do more trail and gravel riding in the colder months or stay in on my Peloton bike. But with the better weather we have had lately, it has been good to get some miles in and in turn, test out these gloves.

Lizard Skins Aramus Gloves-1.jpg

Top View of the Aramus Gloves

Many people are probably familiar with Lizard Skins and their handlebar tape. IT was then a surprise to me that they also made cycling gloves as well. It is a logical connection, but I had not seen them around. After talking with the team for Lizard Skins, they sent me a pair of the Aramus Classic gloves to test for the site.

Before going into the review I want to say a couple words about Lizard Skins. They have been around since 1993 making cycling products for riders around the world. Probably best known for their chainstay guards and bar tape. They are a US based company out of Utah and still make all their products here in the states which seems to be happening less and less. They are about the long term through solid relationships, customer service and use of reclaimed materials whenever possible. All things I can get behind.


I got out and rode, what else is there to say. Actually, my rides varied in length from a quick 18 miler to some longer ones up to 55 miles. All were road or gravel and were on warmer days. Since these are more minimal in coverage and the ones I tested were white, I was more likely to wear them on warmer nice days.


3 Star.jpg

With gloves there generally is not too much to say. The Aramus Classic Gloves have a old school look of perforated leather and an open back of the hand. However, they are not old school as they have lots of new school features. They incorporate gel inserts into the palm for better shock handling, use genuine sheepskin leather for suppleness and handling, and have two finger pulls for easy removal. On the back of the hand the gloves use a leather velcro strap that can be adjust to fit.  This is on top of the sizes XS to XXL which should cover almost everyone.


2 1-2 Star.jpg

The Aramus are comfortable gloves when you put them on. The leather is nice and supple and they seem to fit my hands well. I tested a size medium after looking at sizing, and out of the box they fit just right. These are not full coverage gloves. They have short fingers and a open back of the hand. This puts them firmly in the good weather category for me.

Lizard Skins Aramus Gloves-2.jpg

Pull Webbing was both Good and Bad

For me, the Aramus were a tale of two fits. The fit from start to 25 miles, and the fit from 25 on. Fortunately, one of the two issues started to fade, but the other did not. First I will say the overall fit and comfort through the palm was good all the time. I really like how it fit my hands. What got me was more between the fingers. First off, were the finger pulls. While excellent for removing gloves, I found that over time they were a bit of an annoyance due to the extra fabric they put between my fingers. The longer I rode the more I would notice the extra pressure between my fingers. This was not anything more than a slight annoyance, but something to think about when deciding if the removal loops are worth it.

The other issue I had was the gloves hitting me on the webbing between my fingers. They Aramus have a thinner lycra material between the finger to allow more stretch and less fabric. However, this caused pressure on the webbing between my fingers that seemed to accumulate the longer I rode. Fortunately this did lessen the more I wore the gloves but never quite disappeared. Hopefully it will, time will tell. I think switching to a large would have helped, but I am not sure if this would have made the main palm section feel too big. That is more important to me in the long run. Not a deal breaker, just another slight annoyance.


4 Star.jpg

These gloves work well with the Lizard Skins Bar Tape. Grip was outstanding. That is what is most important. On top of that these gloves breathed well due to the perforated leather. They reminded me of a pair of nice golf gloves. I really like the feel of the Sheepskin leather. The soft nose/sweat wipe on the back of the thumbs is a nice addition to the tradition classic. As is the finger pulls for removing the gloves. This of course has a bit of a downside in the fit department as mentioned above.

Lizard Skins Aramus Gloves-3.jpg

Gel Padding in the Palm

Performance over the course of my rides was good. What I liked about the Aramus was while it has gel inserts in the palm, they are not too thick. I prefer to have a bit less padding overall as I think with a proper fit you should not need too much of it. With the Aramus, Lizard Skins has struck a good balance with adding gel, but not too much.


3 Star.jpg

I really wanted to give these gloves a higher rating. They look awesome, have all the feature you want from a pair of leather gloves, they just were slightly off on the fit between the fingers for me. This ended up souring me just enough. Like I mentioned, they got better over time, and the point of the finger loops might be just a personal preference. I still will be likely to grab them first on a warm day as I really like the comfort of the leather, the thinner gel inserts, and they look sweet. Another important aspect. Just not sure if they will be my first choice for long rides until I feel like the finger webbing pressure abates. I still would recommend giving these a try and pairing them with Lizard Skins Bar Tape which is fantastic. Just try them on before purchasing to make sure the loops and sizing works for you, something you should always try to do first. As always, Your Mileage May Vary.

Lizard Skins Aramus Gloves-4.jpg

Soft Thumb Wipe


Comfortable Sheepskin Leather

Gel Inserts

Look Old School

Finger pulls for removal


Finger pulls the rest of the time

Pressed on the webbing between my fingers, but got a little better over testing period

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