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Peak Design Everyday Sling 10 Bag

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10 Bag

Manufacturer Description

The ultimate low-profile, quick-access day bag for light carry and gear minimalists, the Everyday Sling 10L is a redefinition of what a single-shoulder sling bag can be. As a part of the award winning Everyday bag line, The Everyday Sling 10L features unrivaled accessibility to your gear, expandability to match your carry needs, and organization of your gear, no matter what you’re hauling. An uber-clean “no slop” design conceals a multitude of unique features, from lightning-fast strap adjusters, to a side-loading main compartment with origami-inspired FlexFold dividers, to a highly expandable outer pocket and external carry system. Plus, the sling packs flat so you can stuff it inside a larger bag when traveling. Ideal bag for beginning photographers, or pros who want to just carry their essential camera or drone gear. Weatherproof 400D nylon canvas shell.


Intelligent Internal Organization

2 Flexfold dividers

External Carry Straps

Tablet Sleeve (12.5in wide x 8.65in tall x 0.75in deep (32cm x 22 cm x 2 cm)

Network of Small Pockets

Able to carry a drone

Expandable Secondary Pocket

Packs Flat

Carry-On Approved

Dual Purpose briefcase & rolling luggage strap

Lightning Fast Strap

Dedicate Capture Attachment

Waterproof Shell

Premium Materials & Build

Outer Dimensions - 16in wide x 9in tall x 5.5in deep (40cm x 23cm x 14cm)

Capacity - 8L min to 10L max

Weight - 1.5lbs (680g)

YMMV Review

As if I needed one, I have recently added another hobby to my list. I have started to take my photography more serious as it went hand in hand with my other adventures. I would always see these cool places, but never captured it at the level I was hoping to. Since I started taking my camera with me places, I thought it would be a good opportunity to test out a bag that can do double duty or mixed duty to that point.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10 - Back.jpg

Back Panel with Leather Strap

If you are not familiar with Peak Design then I would not be too surprised. Most photographers will likely know of the company, but not too many other will. Peak Design was started back in 2010 with the Capture, a way of carrying your camera better. That being the first of several Kickstarter projects, Peak Design is now a much bigger company. They have launched over 75 products and are the world’s most crowdfunded active company.

For me I noticed them first from their bags. They use top quality materials and have a finish to them that has a rough, but elegant feel. Being new to photography it has been a whirlwind in terms of learning not only how to improve as a photographer, but also those items that you need to make the picture taking part easier. Having a good bag was near the top of that list and that drew me to Peak Design. I shoot with a mirrorless Fuji camera and was looking for a daily bag that could go everywhere. For the size and convenience, the Everyday Sling 10 looked to be the right bag and Peak Design sent me one to review for the site.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10 - Security.jpg

Security Loop


Since receiving the bag, the Everyday Sling 10 has been my daily camera pack. I have used it whenever I have been out and about, both good and bad weather. I have taken it hiking as well as used it in the city. Some days it has been packed to the gills with camera gear and others with a mainly other stuff and a camera on the side.


4 1-2 Star.jpg

The Everyday Sling 10 is sleek looking bag. It has tight seems, upscale finishes, and a design that makes it look expensive. The exterior of the bag uses a hard wearing material that can handle water, dirt, and abuse well. Not that I recommend really overdoing it, but it can take it. The hardwear is metal to last longer and the bag has leather trim on straps and pulls. The main pull even has a feature that it can connect to the pocket pull to prevent people from do a quick unzip and grab. This is a good feature if you are in the city.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10 - Options.jpg

Many Setup Options

The zippers are all weather resistant to further protect you contents and eliminates the need for cumbersome flaps. All the straps use a mini seatbelt esque strap and had thin dense foam pad on the shoulder strap. Peak Design has thought of almost everything, there are little pockets to tuck away the excess straps to keep the bag looking tidy. The exterior pocket expands to fit more if needed, with that the exterior straps to control this expansion go all the way under the bag, similar to a hiking backpack. This allows you to strap things to the bottom of the bag if needed.

The back panel on the sling bag also uses the same similar dense foam that is used on the strap. I would say it might even be slightly thicker, but that is hard to tell. On the inside the bag has a tablet sleeve up against the back that can handle a larger tablet. The entire interior is lined with a some soft  anti-scratch material that also work with the hook and loop attachments on the dividers. These dividers are really what sets this bag apart. The sling 10 comes with two of the flexfold dividers. They can easy be set up multiple ways and move as needed. On the inside of the top flap there is a pocket that has 4 internal organization sleeves for batteries and other needs. Lastly there is the external pocket that has two internal organization sleeves and a carry section that can expand if needed.

Overall there is quite a bit packed into this small bag. As it is relatively compact, measuring 16 inches wide by 9 inches tall and is about 6 inches deep the way I have it packed.


4 1-2 Star.jpg

Using the Everyday Sling 10 has been great. Does it do everything perfectly…..no. But, it does almost everything really well and some things have been perfect. First I will start off with what I like about the bag. It is really compact for everything it can carry. I have managed to take my camera and 4 lenses,a filter kit, cleaning kit, and tripod all in and strapped to the pack. I could have even thrown my tablet in there if I needed to. Pretty good for it’s compact size. I will say that with all of this in there it is a bit heavy for the single shoulder strap. Not that you can’t do it, but it will wear on you if you are packing it around for a whole day. I really like the flexfold dividers, I think they are perfect. You can have them vertical, fold one down into a half shelf ro both down into a full shelf. What I really like is how easily they can adjust and if you are like me, I have the lenses on top and then stuff I need less often below. I can easily get to it if I need to without having to undo the velcro or fool around with the divider. Just a flip up and then flip back down into place.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10 - Dividers.jpg

The awesome Flexfold Dividers

The Sling 10 is a really sharp bag. I know that should not matter too much, but we all know it does. I like the underlid pocket with sleeves and also like the weather resistant finishes so I know my gear is protected. I live in Seattle and there are a couple months that this really matters. I also like that even though this is a smaller bag, I can still take my tripod with me on the outside. I am a landscape shooter and a tripod is a must.

Now a couple things that I found could use a bit of tweaking. The expandable pocket is good, but the internal sleeves were a little less useful. Some might use them more than I did, I just used the main area of the pocket. While I like the shoulder strap, it does adjust on its own if pressure is applied. Both the ends seem to migrate to being pulled all the way to their end over time and the main lightning adjuster can adjust if you pick up the bag with your hand on or near it. Not a deal breaker, but I have more than once accidentally adjusted the bag by just bumping the buckle. I also am torn on the leather main handle. It is there to grab and use as a briefcase strap if needed. This was a bit weird due to the location. It also can be used with luggage handles which actually makes more sense so I am torn. I guess it is okay.

Peak Design Everday Sling 10 - In Use.jpg

In Use on Washington Pass


4 1-2 Star.jpg

Overall, I really like the Peak Design Everyday Sling 10. It is a well thought out and functional bag for me. Yes I did nitpick it a little on some of its features, but on the whole it has been an awesome bag. It is easy to get in and out of and most importantly, it has protected my gear and allowed me to get some great shots. At least I think so. While the Sling 10 will work well with a DLSR, especially a compact one. I really think it excels with a mirrorless system. My standard kit would be:

Fuji XT-10 Camera

Fuji 18-55mm Lens

Fuji 10-24mm Lens

Fuji 55-200mm Lens

4 round filters in case

Remote trigger

Blower and lens cloths

Waterproof camera cover

And on occasion Samyang 8mm fisheye

One thing that I did not have on this bag, but really think it could be a useful addition is the Peak Design Capture. I initially did not see me wanting one, but since the Sling 10 has a built in place for it, I could see it being a useful addition, so something to consider. If you are looking for a compact bag for both camera gear and other stuff, I would definitely recommend the Peak Design Sling 10. As always, your mileage may vary.


Flexfold Dividers!!!!

Straps allow for tripod carry

Internal storage in lid pocket

Sharp appearance

Weather resistant


Strap slips occasionally


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