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Danny Shane Aston Jersey

Danny Shane Aston Jersey

Manufacturer Description

DannyShane retrospective products combine classic styles from the past with modern fabric and sportswear technology. Our retrospective apparel is meant to stand out, with rich colors and distinctive patterns that convey a classic European look. All jerseys in our retrospective product line are made with Bamboo White Ash for optimal comfort and fit.


Rip-Stop BWA fabric for ultimate comfort

Three oversized, slanted back pockets

One zippered back pocket

Mock race collar

E-Grip race toggle

Invisible full-zip entry

Silicone waist gripper

YMMV Review

I was not familiar with DannyShane when I got emailed by them this summer. Turns out they have been around since 2009. They have been founded on the principle that performance and style do not have to be mutually exclusive. Just looking at their jersey designs and you can see what they mean. The Aston that I tested is actually one of the more subdued color combinations.

DannyShane has a passion for cycling and a deep respect for nature. This had led them to use eco-friendly materials whenever possible. All DannyShane jerseys are made from a proprietary fabric, woven with a Bamboo White Ash that offers natural breathability, rapid moisture wicking, odor resistance, anti-static qualities, durability, and softness that cannot be matched. They weave 50-55% BWA into their recycled polyester fabrics to ensure that the fabrics do not fade.


For me this was my first experience with their jersey and bib shorts. I took them out for several rides around the valley ranging from 15-35 miles. All the rides were on the road. As a point of clarification, DannyShane did send me the jersey and bibs to test and review. However, they in no way influenced this review and the thoughts within are all my own.


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As I mentioned above, the Aston Jersey is made with a combination of Bamboo White Asha and textured microfiber polyester rip-stop. The imbedded BWA provides a host of benefits besides being eco-friendly. The fabric wicks moisture, eliminates odor, and prevents fading and discoloration. On the back there are three back pockets that are slanted for easier use. There is also a zippered pocket for those items that need to have more security. Speaking of security, at the bottom hem there is a silicone waist gripper to keep the jersey in place.

Danny Shane Aston Jersey - Outfit.jpg

Jersey & Bib Combo

From a design standpoint the Aston Jersey has been designed with a combination of aerodynamics and comfort. It has a mock race collar and a easy grip race toggle. To keep with the style with functionality design, the jersey has a invisible full-zip entry. The Aston also comes in sever color combinations with three triangle shaped stripes. I really liked the style of this jersey. I like to have style, but not over the top. This jersey fits that perfectly. It has sharp lines and looks good in my opinion.


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DannyShane calls their fit an American Performance Cut. This means it is a synergy between aerodynamics and comfort. They are designed to wrap your body without restricting movement and comfort. There is no sacrifice for comfort. For me I tested a size medium. I typically am a medium and looking at the size chart, that is what they recommend. After my testing I would agree that the medium is right for me.


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I always question when a company touts a fabric with a lot of superlatives. So, I was curious to see how the Bamboo White Ash worked. This summer in the Seattle area was a hot one which made for a good testing environment. Compared to my other cycling jerseys, I felt like the Aston was similar in breathability and moisture wicking as my other lightweight jerseys. All this with a eco-friendlier fabric which I appreciate. I liked the pocket structure, they did not sag with weight in them. The zipper also worked well, not that I played with it a lot. I normally don’t’ open my jersey up when I ride.

Danny Shane Aston Jersey - Back.jpg

Back of Jersey

Some of the other features of the fabric were tougher to test. Such as the durability of the fabric and whether the colors will fade. In order to do that I would have to draw out this test much longer than makes sense. Of course, I will continue to use the jersey and if I have anything to add later on, I will add it on. That said, I really like how the jersey performed. I think a jersey should just work. I really do not want to think about it during my ride and this is one of those jerseys.


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Overall, I really liked the DannyShane Aston Jersey. I like that it is eco-friendly and still performs as well as my other top of the line jerseys. The fit is good, not too tight and not too loose. Most importantly, well maybe not, the jersey looks good. You have to be stylish on the bike. The Aston jersey is not cheap, but you can spend a lot more on jerseys that perform just as good. I think DannyShane is worth a shot, whether it is the Aston or another look. As always, Your Mileage May Vary.



Performs just as well as other fabrics

Comfortable fit



Not in local bike shop so tough to check out before purchasing

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